TVMA Bylaws

The Texas Veterinary Medical Association has two (2) governing documents. The Bylaws set out the purposes and general organizational structure for TVMA. The Policies Manual details how TVMA operates in order to meet the purposes stated in the Bylaws.


TVMA Bylaws may be amended or repealed by a two-third (2/3) majority vote of the TVMA Board of Directors provided the proposed amendment has been:
  1. Presented by the Executive Committee for review and opinion and presentation to the Board of Directors.

  2. Published in a TVMA publication of general circulation at least two (2) months before the Board of Directors meeting at which a vote is to be taken on the proposed change. Upon passage by a two-third (2/3) majority vote of the Board of Directors, the amendment shall be valid and effective immediately.


Proposed Bylaws Amendments

At the regular meeting of the TVMA Board of Directors on March 1, 2014, the proposed amendments, printed in red below, were approved for publication for general comments from members. The proposed amendments will be voted on at the board meeting on September 25, 2014. All comments should be directed to the TVMA office or to your district director. Please call the TVMA office if you would like contact information for your district director.

Proposed Amendment #1

Article II. Purpose and Mission

The mission of the Texas Veterinary Medical Association is to preservepromote, advocate for and protect the veterinary medical profession and to advance animal health for the well-being of animals and humans. 

This amendment is recommended in the Five-Year Strategic Plan.


Proposed Amendment #2

Article VI. Section 5 (D)

The Council Chairs shall ne nominated, elected and ratified by the process described in Article XII, Section 5 4.

This amendment is to correct an error in the section listed.


Proposed Amendment #3

Article XII. Section 4

A Council Chair shall preside over all meetings of the Council. The term of office for the Council Chair is two (2) years. The Council Chair may serve for any number of terms; however, he/she may serve consecutively a maximum of two (2) terms in office. The terms of office of the four (4) Councils shall be staggered. The terms of the Council Chairs of the Council on External Affairs and the Council on Professional Advancement shall begin and end on odd-numbered years, while the terms of the other two Council Chairs shall begin and end on even-numbered years. The Council Chair of any Council will be nominated and elected by all votingmembers of the Council present during the Annual Meeting of the Association, including the District Directors assigned to that Council together with the Chairs and voting members of all committees assigned to that Council. The election of said Council Chair shall be ratified by majority vote of the Board of Directors. A candidate for Council Chair must be a member of the Council for which he/she is elected and must possess the qualifications for office listed in Article VI, Section 4C of these Bylaws. Vacancies of any Council Chair will be filled by the nomination, election and ratification process described above.


Proposed Policy Amendments

TVMA membership classes are listed in TVMA Policies and must be amended in the same manner as the bylaws amendments. The TVMA Membership Committee presented changes to two membership classes that were approved by the board of directors for publication:

New Resident Membership

Complimentary membership may be extended to veterinarians during their first year of residence in Texas who were members in good standing of the veterinary association in the state from which they moved. They shall be exempt from dues from the date of application until the following June 30. New resident members will have all rights and privileges of Active Membership.

Student Membership

All students in the professional curriculum of veterinary medicine at Texas A&M University any university shall be eligible for Student Membership. Student Members shall be non-voting members, ineligible to hold office, and exempt from payment of dues.

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