Where the Value of Continuing Education is Recognized

Established in 1970, the Texas Academy of Veterinary Practice (TAVP) is an organization within TVMA that promotes high standards of veterinary medicine through continuing education. The TAVP stresses continuing education as a qualification for membership and has developed programs awarding continuing education credits and appropriate certifications for participation in selected educational programs.

Qualifications to join the Academy as an Active Member require a veterinarian to have obtained a minimum of 50 CE credits in the year prior to joining. In the two-years following the initial year, the member must acquire 100 CE credits for a total of 150 within a 3-year period. New members receive a certificate recognizing their first year of membership. Active members receive an attractive, professional-looking plaque at the end of their first, three-year cycle recognizing them for achieving CE excellence. 

The Academy also offers an associate level of membership, which requires 30 to 49 hours of CE per year. Associates receive a certificate annually.

How do I join the Academy?

All TVMA members who have achieved the minimum CE requirements and are in good standing, of high moral and professional character, are engaged or employed in any aspect of the veterinary profession and are members of their local veterinary medical association may apply for membership to the Academy. Membership Applications for the 2018-19 fiscal year are now available. Current Academy members should send completed application and $50 dues to the TVMA office immediately to maintain their current status of membership. Practitioners interested in joining the Academy can do so anytime during the calendar year. CLICK HERE TO JOIN TODAY!

What's new with the Texas Academy of Veterinary Practice?

TAVP is now working on the same fiscal year as TVMA from July 1 through June 30. What does that mean for you? It means you can renew your membership or join as a new member at the same time you renew your TVMA dues. Your CE hours would also be reported based on this new fiscal year. For example, any CE credits obtained between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018 would be used to fulfill your first year membership obligation of 150 CE credits in a three-year cycle.

There are also two new membership categories available!
 LVTs, who are members of TVMA, are now able to join the Texas Academy of Veterinary Practice. Applying LVTs must have 25-hours of CE credits to join. They will be required to obtain a total of 75 hours over three consecutive years. The membership fee is $25 annually. Benefits include a beautiful membership certificate with a plaque issued at the conclusion of the 3-year cycle. Member LVTs will also qualify for an additional discount when registering for the TVMA Annual Conference.

Have you served as a presenter for a veterinary meeting? The Academy now has a special membership category requiring 75 of the 150 CE credit hours (3-year cycle) be from an original presentation paper, essay or formal lecture to a recognized group of fellow professionals. Advanced membership is a great way to promote yourself as a noted speaker. TAVP plans to develop a speaker’s bureau using Advanced Members. Local VMAs routinely contact the Academy requesting speaker recommendations. This membership category will be a great resource for these organizations.

How can you bring continuing education opportunities to your area?

The Texas Academy of Veterinary Practice is proud to serve as the continuing education arm of the Texas Veterinary Medical Association. One of the missions of the Academy is to help local VMAs offer affordable CE options in their area. 

TAVP is looking for local VMAs who are interested in partnering with the Academy to hold a meeting in their area. Local VMAs who partner with the Academy share in the profits or the losses. Nine times out of ten, this partnership proves to make a profit for both the Academy and the local VMA. To establish the partnership, both organizations are required to sign an agreement outlining the responsibilities and obligations assigned to each group. A signed agreement must be in place before any preparations can begin. All seminar dates, speakers and topics are a collaboration between the local VMA and the TAVP Board. The TAVP liaison based at the TVMA office in Austin is responsible for all administrative, marketing, logistics, registration, speaker arrangements and onsite seminar management. This partnership takes the burden of time constraints off of the local VMA officers and their members. It opens the door to a quality continuing education program right in your backyard that satisfies the minimum requirements of license renewal with little effort on the part of the local VMA. Imagine your members being able to attend 17 hours of quality continuing education without the expense and time it takes to travel to a large national or regional meeting.

Interested VMAs should send their inquiries to Ellen Forsythe at eforsythe@tvma.org or Larisa Respondek at lrespondek@tvma.org or call the TVMA office at 512/452-4224.