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“As a member of TVMA, I feel that I have the opportunity to help make a positive difference for my profession. My voice is heard and acknowledged as valuable.

TVMA networking opportunities have allowed me to develop important relationships, helped me improve my communication skills and increased my veterinary dentistry knowledge. I have had the privilege to help mentor younger veterinarians and help them reach their goals and develop leadership skills. And I have financially benefited from the Business Alliance Committee’s efforts with our vendor relationships.”—Jodi Long, DVM

“To be a successful veterinarian, it is important to be a part of your local, state (TVMA) and national organizations because they are so important in our guidance and education and in protecting our licenses.” —Deb Thorne, DVM

“Active involvement with TVMA will inspire you to be the kind of practitioner you need to be to avoid the pitfalls of practice and enjoy the practice of medicine your entire career. Without TVMA the practice of veterinary medicine would have ceased to exist, a long time ago. There is always someone looking to exclude a part of the practice of veterinary medicine from the licensing act so that a license is not required to perform the act. Taking advantage of TVMA’s business alliances will more than pay your dues each year.” —Don Ferrill, JD, DVM

As a member of TVMA, I have opportunities to participate in discussions, and have direct input on issues and legislative actions, Licensed Veterinary Technicians, and the veterinary profession. If you’re not a TVMA member, you’re missing out. Why not get your information straight from the source and from an organization that understands the pulse of the profession, truly represents the interests of its members, and provides insight into issues affecting the entire profession?”—David Sessum, LVT

“TVMA is our political voice and keeps us updated on legislative actions. This is our organization, and we need to be together on issues affecting our profession.”—Don Cleary, DVM

“Being a member of TVMA is like being a member of a family. From the other veterinarians who are members to the TVMA leadership to the staff, I have been mentored and guided through the early part of my career by TVMA members. I would not be the veterinarian that I am today without my TVMA membership.”—Mary Anne White, DVM

Contact Devorah Jakubowsky at or call her at 512/452-4224

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